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Handpicked Healthy In Kind Donation Fundraising Ideas For Your School

If your cheerleading team is in need of new uniforms, or needs funds to travel, give cheerleading fundraisers a try. You can do a myriad of interesting activities to make your fundraising programs a tremendous hit with the young crowd and the others of your community as well. The more innovative you can make your fundraisers, the more companies that give in-kind donations profitable they will turn out to be. But the biggest key to fundraising is shockingly simple – have fun! If you are enjoying yourself those around you will too and you will find your fundraiser to be much more successful.

Play the Chef

Cooking is an all-time hit among the cheerleading fundraising ideas. It offers a great scope to be creative by improvising the traditional recipes. But before you carry out the experiments, first collect as many simple recipes you can and write them down in your team’s cookbook. Use various sources for collecting the recipes. You may include the teachers, teammates, students, and their parents too. After you make successful alterations in these recipes, find a hot spot to sell them. With fun, smiling cheerleaders to sell the food, you can be assured of your profit.

Teach Cheerleading to Others

You can use your cheerleaders as a team brand. Use their popularity as the USP of your fundraising project. In fact, you can go ahead with holding cheerleading classes at a ‘cheerleading school’ where your cheerleaders will teach helpful tips and strategies. This can be one of the best fundraising programs if you know what to charge for each lesson. Make sure that all those cheerleading fans out there know about the details of this class to ensure maximum attendance. Your school’s gym is a good location for holding such classes.

Cheerleader vs. Cheerleader

You can make such classes far more interesting by holding a practical game between your cheerleaders and that of other teams. This will draw a huge gathering of sports enthusiasts. At the same time, it will send helpful lessons to those who aspire to be cheerleaders themselves. One of the many positive points of this fundraising idea is that it will cost you almost nothing in terms of investment. Comparing to that, the profit you will earn from the massive sell of tickets will be something to reckon with!

A Rummage Sale

It always helps your cause if you put effort into reselling surplus articles. This fundraiser is profitable and practical because it requires no prior capital to invest in it. Put up stalls asking your community members to deposit anything they do not need. You can also hold a door-to-door drive to pick up all those extra articles that can fetch you good funds. You may even find takers among your own community – what someone disposes can serve someone else’s purpose.

A Raffle

If you want an alternate selling idea for your cheerleader fundraising, go for a raffle. This will leave you ‘rich’ with a good profit margin. The trick is to sell the prize and the tickets at 50% of the actual collection. You can seek the help of PTA fundraising for executing such cheerleading fundraising ideas.